About NMAC

A dream coming true! With the special concrete foundation already laid, the proposed Nunavut Media Arts Centre in Iqaluit will be an 8000 sq. ft. building. The estimated building construction cost is $5,000,000 with a total project budget of up to $8,300,000 million including the costs of equipment, land development, architectural and engineering, administration and management services.

The new Centre will incorporate:

  • The first full-scale, state of the art, digital facilities for audio, video, recording, performance and post production in Nunavut, available to local and territorial freelancers, performers, artists and small/medium-sized production companies working in Nunavut.
  • Studio production capacity, unique in Nunavut, suitable for live programming, including performance space and capacity for live studio audiences.
  • Office and post-production space for Inuit Communications (ICSL).

The Nunavut Media Arts Centre will accommodate important production technologies that the current facility does not – high definition production equipment, non-linear (i.e., digital) editing systems, and video data storage. The facility will enhance the diversity and quality of IBC’s current production output, increase IBC’s capacity to generate revenue, and provide a new level of production service and capacity to artists, clients and viewers in Nunavut and elsewhere.

The Nunavut Media Arts Centre will also house the Inuit Film and Video Archive, a facility for preserving, cataloguing, digitizing and storing the priceless collection of historic film and video shot by Inuit since the 1970s – an irreplaceable cultural treasure.

The Centre will provide sustainable and essential support to enhance the capacity and access of IBC and other producers working in Nunavut to markets and audiences within the territory and beyond, contributing to the growth of Nunavut’s entire artistic community.

The quality and volume of IBC programming capacity will be directly enhanced, promoting and expanding awareness of Inuit culture and perspectives to existing audiences and allowing us to reach out to new audiences.

The Centre will become Nunavut’s high-profile broadcasting hub, with displays and shows open and accessible to residents of and visitors to Iqaluit. IBC is seeking to fund this project through contributions from federal and territorial governments, foundations and private sector sources, along with other public sector and individual donations.

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